Saturday, October 17, 2015

Danse Macabre blog Hop

Holy smokes where has the year gone? It's halfway through October already. 
That means it's time for the DANSE MACABRE blog hop. 
It's hosted by Lee Koopman of  Strega Jewellry

She has put together a group of artists that are making something to do with 
The Dance of Death (danse macabre)
I chose to interpret this in a friendly way not a dark and dangerous way
 as I am a chicken shit when it comes to scary things. 

I made some earrings for a monthly challenge and while designing them I decided to carry it a step further and make a co-ordinating necklace. 

But how to take a dark garnet swirl and make it macabre? 
I added a leather bat to it. 

 I just love my leather scraps stash . 
After sketching a bat I then had to transfer it onto the black leather.  
I cut out the pattern placed it on the reverse side and traced around it with a silver marker.
(It was the only thing that would show on the suede-like finish.)
Then I cut it out and punched holes in each wing end to attach it. 
Added some black chain, some dangles and it's done.  
I may just wear this for Halloween. 

Now, I was having such fun I decided to continue playing with my beads, and found some long forgotten "spooky" charms . 
I also had in my stash these adorable carved carnelian beads that remind me of pumpkins so I added them to long headpins and after making wrapped loops I used the excess wire to create tendrils. 
I often make non-symmetrical earrings -just to see if people notice - so I added a bat charm to one chain dangle and the wee ghost to the other. See, nothing scary about these. And I could remove the charms and wear them all autumn long, hmmmm ....something to consider. 
laying flat to show the pumpkins and tendrils better

here they are as would be worn.

Oh heck why stop now!

I seem to have an unusually large stash of charms , when did that happen?
so I made these.
Not really scary, but celestial, so why not include them
Again not symmetrical. but that's the way I roll sometimes. 

Well that's it for this girl. 
so to see more pop by the other blogs to see what they have to inspire you. 

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Earrings Everyday October Challenge

I got time to play along this month . I somehow seem to miss the deadline for participation , so hopefully I can play along this month. Here is the inspiration photo that I used for my starting point. 

Aren't these outfits stunning? love the colours! 
I have always been a fan of the plums, purples and garnets. 

I was working on designs for another blog hop and was playing around with some items I had removed from a sew-on beaded trim used for halloween costumes and it reminded me of these outfits.   
So I decided to complete them and play along with this months challenge. 
I kept them very simple as the outfits shown are quite busy, with the textures and patterns used. These earrings would be best with the first row of outfits as the colours are more plummy than purply. I just could not get my camera to pick up the real colour of these and the hint of sparkle in the large motifs. These are quite lightweight as well as the large swirls are from sew-on trim that needs to be washable so they are plastic. 
But they are pretty nonetheless. 
 I also made a matching necklace, 
but as this is an earring challenge I won't show them on this post , 
so check back tomorrow and see what I made to go with these. 

here is the main site for the challenge