Friday, November 13, 2015

Superstition Blog Hop

Today is Friday the 13th.  Tammy Adams from Paisley Lizard set this blog hop up, made a whole slew of polymer clay pendants and shared them with a group of jewellery artists.  What a sweetie.
It is now our mission to make something in keeping with superstitions and to share it on our own blogs as part of this Superstition  Hop
Now a lot of people fear the number 13, and especially as a date when it lands on a Friday.

 I'm NOT one of them . I have always had very LUCKY Friday 13th's.  In fact it's often one of my luckiest days, a day when things always seem to go right.

Some folks don't like black cats. Again I'm NOT one of them, I LOVE black cats, and have shared my home(s) with them since childhood.

Ladders ? Don't walk under them something bad will befall you!
Mirrors ? Don't break one or 7 years of bad luck will come to you!
Spill salt ? throw some more over your shoulder!
Step on a crack ? you'll break your mothers back.!

superstitions abound. which ones do YOU believe in.?

I acknowledge superstitions and follow them out of habit and perhaps a secret fear that they ARE TRUE. The one I am most careful to avoid is "don't walk under a ladder. " Not sure if it's a superstition or a safety thing, I just don't want it falling on  Maybe it's my fear of heights. What ever the reason I decided to incorporate a ladder into my design along with my black cat pendant. And I have yet to break a mirror (thank goodness) .

How many superstitions do YOU see in this piece? 

(Hint: the numbers 13 and 7 figure in the construction-13 rolo chain links form the ladder-7 crystals form the rungs; there is  mirrored gem at the bottom; a "ladder" suspension system; black mirrored crystals; black cat polymer clay pendant -handmade by Rachel Adams- Paisley Lizard.)

I do wish the photo showed the sparkle of the crystals better, it's quite bling-y in person  

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my corner of the blogesphere. Please hop on by the other participants blogs to see what they came up with. 

Tammy Adams (Hostess)  our hostess
Renee Hong
Betony Maiden
Coral Law
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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Danse Macabre blog Hop

Holy smokes where has the year gone? It's halfway through October already. 
That means it's time for the DANSE MACABRE blog hop. 
It's hosted by Lee Koopman of  Strega Jewellry

She has put together a group of artists that are making something to do with 
The Dance of Death (danse macabre)
I chose to interpret this in a friendly way not a dark and dangerous way
 as I am a chicken shit when it comes to scary things. 

I made some earrings for a monthly challenge and while designing them I decided to carry it a step further and make a co-ordinating necklace. 

But how to take a dark garnet swirl and make it macabre? 
I added a leather bat to it. 

 I just love my leather scraps stash . 
After sketching a bat I then had to transfer it onto the black leather.  
I cut out the pattern placed it on the reverse side and traced around it with a silver marker.
(It was the only thing that would show on the suede-like finish.)
Then I cut it out and punched holes in each wing end to attach it. 
Added some black chain, some dangles and it's done.  
I may just wear this for Halloween. 

Now, I was having such fun I decided to continue playing with my beads, and found some long forgotten "spooky" charms . 
I also had in my stash these adorable carved carnelian beads that remind me of pumpkins so I added them to long headpins and after making wrapped loops I used the excess wire to create tendrils. 
I often make non-symmetrical earrings -just to see if people notice - so I added a bat charm to one chain dangle and the wee ghost to the other. See, nothing scary about these. And I could remove the charms and wear them all autumn long, hmmmm ....something to consider. 
laying flat to show the pumpkins and tendrils better

here they are as would be worn.

Oh heck why stop now!

I seem to have an unusually large stash of charms , when did that happen?
so I made these.
Not really scary, but celestial, so why not include them
Again not symmetrical. but that's the way I roll sometimes. 

Well that's it for this girl. 
so to see more pop by the other blogs to see what they have to inspire you. 

Lee Koopman                           Strega Jewellry    our hostess 
Sam Waghorn                           Pale Moon Creations
Dini Bruinsma                            Angaza by Changes
Mowse Doyle                              Mouse Made This
Lori Blanchard                            Alainn Jewelry
Robin Showstack                        The Crazy Bead Hoarder
Amy Jorgensen                           Hoarders Corner
Nan Smith                                    Wired Nan
Tammy Adams                             Paisley Lizard
Catherine King                              Catherine’s Musings
Michelle McCarthy                         Firefly Designs Studio
Betony Maiden                             Beadwenches Blog
Becca White                                  Morgana Fey Creations
Kim Dworak                                   Cianci Blue
Tami Norris                                   Tamis Creative Spot
Inge Von Roos                               Inge’s Blog
Terry Jeanette Carter                    Tapping Flamingo
Deb Fortin                                       Mhoti Studio     * you are here*
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Friday, October 16, 2015

Earrings Everyday October Challenge

I got time to play along this month . I somehow seem to miss the deadline for participation , so hopefully I can play along this month. Here is the inspiration photo that I used for my starting point. 

Aren't these outfits stunning? love the colours! 
I have always been a fan of the plums, purples and garnets. 

I was working on designs for another blog hop and was playing around with some items I had removed from a sew-on beaded trim used for halloween costumes and it reminded me of these outfits.   
So I decided to complete them and play along with this months challenge. 
I kept them very simple as the outfits shown are quite busy, with the textures and patterns used. These earrings would be best with the first row of outfits as the colours are more plummy than purply. I just could not get my camera to pick up the real colour of these and the hint of sparkle in the large motifs. These are quite lightweight as well as the large swirls are from sew-on trim that needs to be washable so they are plastic. 
But they are pretty nonetheless. 
 I also made a matching necklace, 
but as this is an earring challenge I won't show them on this post , 
so check back tomorrow and see what I made to go with these. 

here is the main site for the challenge 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Leather Feather Blog Hop

to paraphrase Bugs Bunny

"It's here, it's HERE
Let the bells ring out and the banners fly
feast your eyes on me,
It's too good to be true.
But it's here , it's HERE."

do you remember that episode of the Bugs Bunny cartoon?
OK I guess I am dating myself here.

well, all that preamble just to say welcome to my blog and THE VERY FIRST  Leather Feather Blog Hop.
Our hostess and creator of the wonderful leather feathers is Rachel Mallis

She made 11 sets of feathers and sent ten of them to us (keeping one set for herself of course) so that we could participate in this hop.

I asked for funky colours and I got them . gorgeous purple feathers with an iridescent shimmer  that is green in some angles. and black in other angles, however they don't seem to photograph that way.

so what did I make with these  2 inch long pretties? 

I made earrings of course. 

I first tried using bronze-coloured wire for the spirals and links but, although they looked ok, they were NOT speaking to me. So I tried again with silver and that seemed to be a better solution. Using silver added more sparkle to the earrings. But if a little sparkle is good a LOT of sparkle is better.  so I added some chinese crystal beads with a similar purplish cast. 
In the photos they look solid black but at certain angles they shine like gas on water. 
And just because the feathers are leaf-like and we are heading into fall I decided to add the grapevine-like  spiral coils. 

I have started making my own ear wires so it was easy to add another crystal to the top of the attachment loop, just to tie them all together. 
By the way these have a finished length of 3-1/4 inches; not for the faint-of-heart, or the short- necked either.

NOW , because I finished these ahead of time, instead of the last minute, I started wondering if that length was going to work for me, hmmmmm, ..... so I reworked them
 (smacking myself on the forehead). 

here is version #2   
 (only 2-1/2 inches long btw.)

I removed the silver springs and used a simple jump ring to attach them to the ear wires. But that looked too plain so I added three more in a loopy connection to fill in the gap. Of course while I was doing this the darned crystals kept falling off the ear wires even though I had hammered the curved parts to prevent this . so I added some coils of 24 gauge silver wire to the top of ear wires to secure the little suckers. You can just see them peeking above the crystals.
I don't know if they will remain this way or not. 
Time will tell.

 That's the great thing about making your own jewellery , if you get tired of how it looks you just remake it.

Well it's time for us to part for now. 
Before you go please leave a comment about which version You prefer. 

I hope you enjoyed visiting my blog today and I look forward to seeing you again. 

Don't forget to stop by all the other bloggers to see what wonderful items they made
 with their feathers

just click on one of the links below 

Rachel Mallis (host)

Lori Blanchard

Deb Fortin  ***you are HERE***

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Leather Feather blog hop

I am taking part in the Leather Feather blog hop. I just received my feathers from the lovely Rachel Mallis and they are gorgeous . Purple with iridescent green designs on them. they have a single hole at the top
photo from Rachels Facebook page 
I cannot wait to start percolating ideas. I have till the beginning of sept to do so. Reveal day is Sept 5th and there will be 11 artists participating on that day. so check back then to see what we've been up to with our feathers.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I've gone international

While working  at The Artisan Loft and General Store this week I sold one of my necklaces to a customer, visiting his parents, from the USA. He was looking for a gift to take home to his wife.

what a lovely compliment to me that he couldn't decide which one of two pieces to purchase so I let him send photos to his wife via his iPhone and let her choose.

while waiting to hear back from her he decided which one to buy, a few minutes later she replied   that she liked both but preferred one better and  choose the same one he did.

so it's now on it's way home to San Diego CA.

I am delighted that he bought one of my pieces as his wife is also a jewellery maker, and could make anything she wants.

I'll miss this one. I was thinking of keeping it for myself. but i know it will be appreciated and enjoyed.
Fold-formed copper pendant , with african turquoise and glass bumpy beads.
  hand forged copper clasp, suede neck-strap , bone/horn barrel bead.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

change to blog url

I finally had the courage to change the url for my blog. I have been in the process of organising my branding and social media links and this was the last frontier.

If you were  follower of then you will have noticed that the link is gone and you get a note that the blog has been removed.

 all the old content still exists here on this new site.

If you stumbled upon this blog then Welcome.

 I hope to update this blog more frequently now that my website is up and running and my logo is designed and my business cards have arrived and my labels are made. I didnt realise how much piddly work was involved in branding one's product line. Whew!

If you want to see photos of my work or discover where you can see them in person or to shop online  please visit my website @

Thanks for stopping by, and please do come again

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Its reveal day for Bead Peeps Swap N Hop

Today is the Bead Peeps Swap and Hop day! whoo -hoo!!!!

Today is the day that we get to show off what we made with the beads sent to us by our partner. My beads came from Inge von Roos in California USA.  

Several months back we signed up to participate, were assigned partners, and sent off our selection of beady goodies to our partner. Once they were received we then ooh-ed and ah-ed , stewed and cogitated, planned and designed, rearranged and then finally started the assembly process . 

Some of us got it right on the first go, others had to redesign, reassemble , rework, a few times or many, the planned idea till we were happy with the result. 

At last we get to share what we made with our beautiful treasures.

as a refresher , here are he beads I received from my partner Inge von Roos from California, USA.
Pretty aren't they?
I was one of the ones who had to rework my design several times as it just wasn't coming together  the way I had envisioned it. I think I was trying way too hard to make something earth-shattering.
When I finally listened to what the beads were saying it all fell into place.  So without further ado here is the piece I made. 

multi strand lower portion with seed beads twisted and wrapped with silk cord and the bunch all  tied with two overhand knots to add texture and stability to the focal dangle. Two long bead cones to hide the nasty less than pretty cord ends . Silver toggle clasp as a second focal point and a second set of multi strand seed beads to create the back half of the necklace 

Inge is a wonderful and prolific glass bead maker and she sent so many lovely choices  that I couldn't use them all, so I was very selective with the ones I did use. I sorted them according to the colours of glass she used. 

I have a vast array of seed beads in my stash (quelle surprise) and lo and behold I had some that were a good match to the lamp work beads that I had chosen to use.

Read on for why I only made one piece of jewellery.

Because I wanted a random mix I was able to use my bead spinner to string 8 strands of beads in a very short period of time. 

and that’s when the trouble started…….

How to combine the  lamp work beads and support their weight (they are heavy little puppies) without sacrificing fluidity. 
How to secure and hide the cord ends ……..

How to connect the multiple strands with the single strand of lamp work beads. 

There were some choice (and very unladylike) words uttered for a period of time till I got it all figured out.  
And that was only for the front half of the necklace. 

Then I had to decide how to finish the back half. 

And that’s when the trouble continued………

I have to confess at one point I was prepared to toss it all in the bin. but sanity prevailed Plus I’m one stubborn woman. Nothing was going to stop me from my appointed task at hand. 
So I took a break from it all for a day or two and finally got the idea to go back to the beginning idea and poof , it was so easy - I should have listened to the beads the first time.  Lesson learned…….

Well I hope you enjoyed your visit here and please hop on the swap train for the next station. 

I’d love for you to visit my partner next and then visit the hostess site to find the other swappers blogs. Or check out the list below. 

Bead Peeps Swap N Hop 2015 
Partner List  

 Our Hostess: Linda Anderson from http//

Linda Anderson
Marica Zammit
Jessica Hocutt
Kristina Hahn Eleniak
Debbie Jeffries http://wordpress/debrasdivinedesigns/
Rosantia Petkova
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Deb Fortin        *You are Here*
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Kelly Hosford Patterson
Lori Blanchard
Sue  Kennedy
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Jayne Capps
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Rachel Mallis!blog/c1jlz
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Chris Haussler
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Jenny Kyrlach
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Ginny Lones
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Rebecca Robertson   (White)
Heather Richter
Brandy Collier
Stephanie Haussler
Lori Blanchard
Kathleen Breeding
Becky Pancake
Renetha Stanziano
Tami Norris
Ginger Bishop
Peggy Johnson

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My beads arrived

take a look at the lovely beads I received from my partner, Inge von Roos. I was so certain I had posted this  at the end of March but it has disappeared from my blog and history , so here it is again, belatedly.

Lots of  pretty hand made lamp work by Inge herself and an abundance of coordinating beads to go with them. crystals in three colours , shaped flower/leaf beads, small glass spacers and large green glass rounds.

It will be hard to choose which ones to use. I can't use them all, well not at one time for sure. but they will be used sooner or later

Check back May 2 for the reveal of what all the participants made with their goodies

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I've changed my blog name

Life and design is an ever-changing game. As we grow and mature and change, things that were suitable, slowly become less appropriate for our needs.

Over the last few months I have become dissatisfied with my blog name.
There are so many Studio 24's out there and they apply to many different businesses, hair salons, architecture firms, photographers and so on.
 I had selected studio 24 because I live on the Rideau canal at Lock 24 in Kilmarnock  Ontario. (hence the k in my blog url, if it was even noticed)
I wanted something unique that wouldn't limit how far I could take my branding.

One day I was fooling around with phrases and the one that kept popping up in my head was My Home On The Island . I happen to live on a small island, though given time, and the tendency of nature to take over and fill in back channels with weeds and such, it may one day no longer be an island.

Thus Mhoti Studio was born.

Over the next few months I will be changing the url to reflect my new name but I am in the midst of a blog hop and if I change now it will really muck things up for the other hoppers. So for now I have changed my blog name but not my URL . If you are following me here you can contact me so I can send you an email when this happens. In the meantime stay a while and see what's up.

The Bead Peeps Swap n Hop takes place May 2 2015, I hope you'll come back and visit that day, to see what I made with the beads and things i received from my partner. There will be links to the other participants blogs as well, so it should be a grand hop.

* updated to show new URL *

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bead Peeps Swap N Hop package on it's way

Here is the bead soup I sent my partner Inge von Roos. I don't want to ruin the surprise so I doctored the photo. and now even I can't tell what the soup looks like.
I sure hope it doesn't take too long to get from eastern Ontario Canada to California USA 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

meet my Partner

I recently signed up for the Bead Peeps Swap n Hop (see previous post).
It is getting close to the time to send out our beads and prezzies to our partner. But first I have to tell you about my partner in crime for this event.  

from Los Gatos, California, meet Inge von Roos

Inge is an amazing lamp-work artist. She MAKES. GLASS. BEADS.  *sigh* ( love these.)

She is a lifelong crafter with many interests; pottery, stained glass, weaving, jewellery making, and many other handcrafts. Beginning as a bead stringer she fell in love with hand made glass beads while at a glass and bead show. Hooked on this idea, she took one class and that was it, she found her passion.
Inge is a constant student , regularly taking classes from various lamp work artists, in order to perfect her craft, and she travels all over North America to do so.
She says that bead making is meditation for her and is loving the variety of beads she can create by playing with new techniques and trying different colour combinations.
I cannot wait to see what she sends me in our swap.
To see some of Inge's work pop on over to  Inge's blog